Old foundations. Out with it!

Van Schie is a specialist in the removal of old foundations. Wooden or concrete piles, for example. Or complete foundations. But we also know how to remove bank revetments or anchors for you with the greatest of ease.

Palen trekken in Haarlem door Van Schie

Regardless of depth, diameters, soil deformations and any anchors, Van Schie’s experts remove multiple pile types, anchors and sheet pile walls. Thanks to techniques and equipment sometimes developed in-house, our team knows how to pull piles and anchors.

Which piles can Van Schie remove?

We are able to pull the following type of piles out of the ground:

  • Wood / Softwood
  • AzobĂ©
  • Concrete / Precast concrete
  • Tube posts
  • Steel posts
  • Grout injection piles

In addition, after pulling the piles, we can trim, capping or dentonite them for you. This prevents the possible mixing of groundwater streams. Grout is actually the same as bentonite, however bentonite is a clay product and grout is a cement product. Demmer is a combination of the two. Naturally, Van Schie will advise you what the best solution is in your situation.

Drawing ground anchors

Often you can still manage to remove a 2-meter anchor from the ground yourself, but if you are dealing with very long anchors stuck in the ground, you need an expert to do it. Whether it’s an anchor of 30 or 50 meters, Van Schie pulls the anchors out of the ground. Consider, for example:

  • Grout anchors
  • Dam (wall) anchors
  • Shelf anchors

It is always recommended to remove existing anchors when they are no longer of service. Because if you want to drive a pole into the ground in the future, the anchors will be in the way.

Foundation removal

If you want a foundation, sheet piling or other obstacle removed, Van Schie can provide excellent assistance with that as well. If you fail to pull a pole or ground anchor, Van Schie always has the option of crushing. Please inquire about all possibilities, we will be very happy to help you.

Get advice

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