Not one, but two milestones for Van Schie. The civil engineering company celebrated the realization of the 500th VSP770 pontoon together with involved manufacturers and trade organizations. She also presented the new type in a spectacular manner: the VSP1250.

06. Detail van de onthulling van het VSP1250-ponton

The VSP pontoons are Van Schie’s own innovation and distinguish themselves in the field of certification and a unique and efficient coupling system.

Many interested parties attended the event this weekend. The guests were received in a specially built arena of VSP pontoons. The highlight was definitely the official unveiling of the 500th VSP770 pontoon and the introduction of the new VSP1250 model. With lots of light, sound and smoke, this new type was presented in the rotating welding robot after the curtain fell.


European certification

One of the reasons for the development of the VSP pontoons by Van Schie was the introduction of new European legislation for the use of coupling pontoons. The VSPs are fully DNV certified and therefore meet all applicable standards. But certified pontoons alone are not enough.

A certificate for the created assembly of pontoons, such as a work island, is also required to carry out work on the water. Van Schie is one of the few in the Netherlands that can quickly make these approved pontoon formations available for equipment and also provide all necessary certificates, calculations and documentation.

Versatile and unique

The VSP770 pontoon has been in use for a number of years and the need arose for a higher model for heavier machines and loads. The VSP1250 pontoon has been developed for this purpose, where the height (1,250mm) provides twice as much buoyancy!

Both types of pontoons are further distinguished by a unique coupling system to connect the pontoons with each other. And smart mounting points on the deck to attach various accessories.

Applicable in both the events sector and infrastructure, the VSP pontoons can be used for stages and audiences as well as for installing heavy machinery.

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