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Delivering window frames to construction sites in the middle of the city? Transporting pontoons from the middle of Markermeer to Nieuwegein? Moving containers from the meadow to the port of Amsterdam? Van Schie gets it transported!


Our vehicles with drivers ensure that your goods and equipment arrive undamaged and on time at the right location. From our business location in Mijdrecht, our trucks, mat-carrier vehicles, clamshell trucks, and low-loaders travel throughout the Netherlands. The possibilities are extensive, as we transport loads of up to 65 tons. And rest assured, we are well acquainted with any potential environmental zones. Our fleet consists of:

  • Road plate trucks with elevator for plates, pontoons and more
  • Container trucks for containers (with tipping capabilities), liquid-tight sludge containers, water tanks, and more.
  • Low loaders for transport up to 65 tons and suitable for environmental zones
  • Squeeze cars with 2-sided tipper, truck-mounted crane and pressurized cab
  • Truck crane 60tm with reach up to 18 meters
  • Truck crane 78tm with reach up to 31 meters high and 26.8 meters far
  • Sliding trailer for lengths up to 21 meters

Row plate car

We rent out road plates throughout the Netherlands. Using our specialized road plate trucks, we can quickly and efficiently lay road plates, but they can also be used for transporting pontoons, panels, and other materials. With the use of remote control, quick unloading is possible. With a payload capacity of 30 tons, this truck can carry a significant load. Equipped with a Euro 5 or 6 engine, we, and therefore you, don’t have to worry about environmental zones.

Container tipper truck

Our container trucks are more than just container trucks. They can do much more. Equipped with a user-friendly cable container system, the container truck can be fitted with various bins, (liquid-tight) containers, and flap buckets. However, it doesn’t stop at containers; the vehicle can also be equipped with a water tank. Additionally, the container trucks are equipped with pressurized cabins and certified drivers. We also have a 10 x 4 WS tipper truck.


Our low-loaders are capable of handling heavy transport up to 65 tons. This includes the transportation of large foundation machines, for which our flatbed trailers are well-equipped. With Euro 6 engines, our low-loaders are compliant with environmental zone regulations. We also offer specialized transport options, whether they involve lifting or not. Our tractors have sloped roofs, allowing us to transport equipment like lattice boom cranes or piling rigs more effectively.

Grap truck

Our 8×4 grab truck with Euro 6 engine, equipped with a 2-way tipper and crane, can be used for a wide variety of tasks. It can access any location and has a generous payload capacity. Additionally, the grab truck is equipped with a pressurized cabin and certified driver.

Truck-mounted crane 60tm

Our 8×2 truck with Euro 6 engine is equipped with a 60-tonne-meter Palfinger truck-mounted crane with a reach of up to 18 meters. Along with the extendable trailer that can reach up to 12 meters, this vehicle is capable of independently performing a wide range of lifting and transport tasks. The combination of a transportation vehicle and a lifting device in one provides you with an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Truck-mounted crane 78tm

Lifting up to 31 meters in height or reaching out 26.8 meters! That’s possible with our Volvo FM460 truck-mounted crane equipped with a 78tm Palfinger crane. This powerhouse is equipped with the Super-High Power Lifting System, which increases the crane’s lifting capacity by over 5% compared to its nominal capacity. With the use of a fly-jib, this crane can lift up to 31 meters in height and has a capacity of up to 15.8 tons.

Sliding trailer

This combination is designed in the corporate colors of our sister company HP Staal, for which we transport various steel products throughout the Netherlands. This setup can also be used for transporting materials for third parties. Thanks to the carefully chosen composition of this tractor-trailer with a 40 TM roller crane, we are able to transport and load/unload lengths of up to 21 meters. To access more challenging locations, the trailer is equipped with remote-controlled auxiliary steering.

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