Always dynamic

Always dynamic

That’s not just a tagline beneath our logo. It’s the foundation of our success. The basis of ever-improving services. It reflects the drive for continuous enhancement of individuals, resources, and businesses. This foundation has, by the way, been at the heart of what we do for the past 60 years.


Every day, we’re constantly on the move for the best results. From digging to lifting, and everything in between. Explore the story in our corporate video here.

That drive to do better and better and to just work really hard has ensured that Van Schie is now part of the Van Schie Group. A group of companies, each with its own specialty, but having 1 thing in common: taking action! The Van Schie Group has four subsidiaries:

  • Janson Bridging
  • HP Staal
  • Fontexx
  • Van Schie

The last mentioned subsidiary also comprises distinct group divisions, including the Grondbank Mijdrecht and Van Schie Kraanverhuur, among others. However, in our day-to-day operations, we simply refer to it as ‘Van Schie.’ More than 200 employees now contribute to various infrastructure matters within the company. From engineering tasks to actual construction. And from soil processing to restoration work using recycled materials… Van Schie conceives, creates, and manages, for nearly 60 years now!

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