Everything can go up in the air

When it comes to lifting, Van Schie knows how to handle it during emergencies and construction projects. From truck recovery to the installation of a church tower… Van Schie has the people, the expertise, and the equipment.

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Van Schie is ready to handle all your lifting tasks, from salvaging sunken houseboats to installing refrigeration systems at heights. On this website, we showcase various projects and display our equipment. However, it’s even better to talk to our experts about your specific needs and possibilities.

Our Van Schie team takes pride in having the world’s largest mobile tower crane! We continue to expand with remarkable equipment.

You have the option to rent our equipment with or without experts. If you seek advice or simply good ideas, rest assured that we excel in that area and genuinely enjoy it. Our knowledge, experience, equipment, and enthusiasm drive us to continuously improve and excel. We make every effort to turn impossibilities into easy possibilities. With Van Schie, you’ll go further and reach new heights, as we are committed to delivering exceptional service and making the seemingly complex, effortlessly manageable.

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