When it comes to noise, these barriers have you covered!

Van Schie has the finest materials, most environmentally-friendly solutions, and experienced personnel for installing, replacing, extending, repairing, or maintaining sound barriers.

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More and more often, Van Schie is the chosen option when the topic of sound barriers arises. This is because of our ongoing advancements that keep us at the forefront of knowledge, expertise, and materials. Van Schie can assist you in the realm of sound barriers, whether it’s for new construction, replacement, expansion, repairs, innovation, or maintenance.

New construction

A completely new sound barrier, customized to your preferences. The possibilities in materials, shapes, and applications are numerous.


Sometimes an old sound barrier no longer meets current requirements. Due to wear and tear, new laws and regulations, or product developments. In such cases, Van Schie and its team are happy to take care of the demolition and new installation. It’s possible to use the existing foundation of the structure, which can save both money and time.


Noise barriers are generally applied at the following locations:

  • Roads (state, provincial and municipal roads)
  • Business sites
  • Residential districts
  • Parking garages
  • Around plant structures (Air conditioning units, fans, motors, pumps, etc.)
  • Individuals

Expansion and repair

If the barrier shows some defects, repair can be a solution. Using the right and often green (recycled) materials. The experts are also keen to work on raising or extending the existing barriers to meet new insights, requirements, or preferences.


With sound barriers as well, Van Schie is constantly on the move to enhance the barriers and their installations. In terms of sustainability, costs, noise reduction, and project timelines. For every imaginable situation, Van Schie devises a way to shield you and others from noise.


With our maintenance service package, you can rest assured that sound barriers will remain in top condition, even in the face of vandalism, natural damage, and pollution. Van Schie works with a wide variety of sound barriers. These barriers, made from stone wool, dampen and absorb sound like no other. And they are eco-friendly… The barriers are produced from 100% recyclable material, have a lifespan of at least 50 years, and are optimally designed to encourage vegetation. So, it’s a responsible, sustainable, efficient, and highly effective solution.



The construction

The foundation execution depends on the location of the barrier in the surroundings, the composition of the ground, and the dimensions of the sound barrier. The foundation options are as follows:

  • On concrete piles
  • On tubular piles
  • On steel profiles
  • On concrete pedestals, with or without a pile system

The screens, or superstructure

The superstructure of a sound barrier is attached to the foundation. The construction is usually made of concrete or steel. Between them, elements are mounted in various ways:

  • Green and absorbent: the stone wool elements consist of an outer frame with a filling of layered and compressed stone wool. The stone wool is covered with a PE net, which provides protection.
  • Transparent: Execution of transparent sound barriers can be achieved through the use of glass or PMMA (plastic) elements. Here, various dimensions and attachment systems are possible. The most significant advantage of using transparent elements is the enhancement of visibility.
  • Aluminum: elements constructed of aluminum are available absorbent and reflective.
  • Concrete: elements of concrete are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Furthermore, with concrete it is possible to apply any structure you want.
  • Coir: elements constructed from an outer steel frame and a filling of PE tubes wrapped with coir.
  • Colors: all deliverable elements can be supplied in any color.

Advice and design

Based on the situation and the client’s wishes, the experts create an appropriate design based on knowledge, experience and available materials, which serves as the basis of a no-obligation quotation.

Specification Service

No situation is the same. We are pleased to provide you with advice for drafting your specification text or job description. Additionally, the desired elements can be provided to the contractor as a direct delivery on your site. Of course, it is also possible to deliver the sound barriers on a turnkey basis. Van Schie takes care of not only the installation but also the entire engineering process.


We handle the complete installation of the screens in-house. This includes transportation, foundation installation, screen installation, and any required planting. Van Schie is certified with VCA* and ISO9001 standards.


In addition to providing the screen, we also offer supply and planting of climbing plants. This will lend a natural appearance to your screen and seamlessly blend into the landscape once fully grown. Regular planting maintenance is crucial for rapid vegetation growth, and our maintenance schedule can be utilized for this purpose.

Mobile sound barriers

New at Van Schie is the mobile sound barrier! Sometimes there are situations where pile driving needs to be done at a location where noise production must be minimal, such as in urban areas. Van Schie has the perfect solution for this: a mobile sound barrier that can easily be unfolded and positioned in the right place to block the noise in that direction. This way, you – and the surroundings – can work without disturbance.

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