Many bridges in the Netherlands are currently undergoing renovation, including the Zwaanskuikenbrug at Hei- en Boeicop. This swing bridge over the Merwede Canal will be equipped with a new road surface, new controls, new cabling, and will be freshly repainted. As a temporary solution for cyclists and pedestrians, Van Schie has constructed a modern VSP pontoon bridge here. Ambulances are also allowed to use it. Other vehicular traffic must take a detour.

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Hei- en Boeicop. The village is named after the two adjacent polders – Heicop and Boeicop – between which the village stretches out like an elongated ribbon. Once, this area was a large peatland primarily under the authority of the bishop of Utrecht.

As the area needed to be cultivated, it was divided into large pieces of land known as ‘copen.’ A man named Hey purchased one of these pieces of land, and later, Mr. Boey did the same. This led to the emergence of two separate polders. The farmers who settled between these two polders formed a settlement that was called Heicopen and Boeicopen, which later evolved into Hei- en Boeicop.

The Merwedekanaal, adjacent to the village, dates back to 1892 and serves as the waterway connecting the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal near Utrecht to the Boven-Merwede near Gorinchem.

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