Noise barriers have become an indispensable part of our street scene. Roads are being built everywhere, there are houses and people living everywhere. Also in Ede on the Veluwe, where a new ring road had to be constructed, straight through the forest. Then it is great that there are ‘green’ noise barriers that fit seamlessly into a natural environment.


Van Schie is installing more and more of these Kokowall noise barriers, sometimes up to ten meters high. In Ede, however, the challenge did not lie in the height, but in the different slopes of the terrain, a former defense training area.

Moreover, it was important to follow the curves of the various roundabouts exactly. The main contractor – Van Gelder – had to make every effort to create a plan that optimally spared nature. Sustainability, ecology and greenery are of paramount importance to the municipality of Ede.

That is why we opted for screens that are not too high, consisting of natural materials (coconut fibers) and recyclable frames.

Floating cycle path

In addition, the contractor has constructed a so-called ‘floating’ cycle path at a few points to protect the roots of some red beech trees. Such a cycle path consists of a (raised) floor of plastic ‘crates’ that are linked together via a click system, a construction that ensures that the tree roots under the path have room to continue growing.

The new road forms the final part of the connection between the A12 and the N224. The noise barriers will be installed over a total length of 700 meters along this route and will later be overgrown with hedera, so that they can soon blend in completely with the greenery of the surroundings.

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