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Do you also want a safer and better working posture for your employees? Then choose tub pontoons from Van Schie! The tub pontoon lets your employees work standing under low bridges or at low docks.


Van Schie’s tub pontoon has a sunken space with 2 ballast tanks. This way, you and your colleagues can simply work standing up on low bridges, quay walls or in other situation where working low is essential. An additional advantage of the recessed space is that tools are also much less likely to fall into the water. In short: easy, economical and for the benefit of your customer and employees.

With the pontoons’ smart tanks, you control how high the employee stands. Thus, not only will you deliver better work, your employees will greatly appreciate the improved work attitude. For example, the pontoon is ideally suited for inspection work on bridges.


The pontoon measures 6.06 x 2.31 x 0.56 meters and is equipped with 2 hand-operated spud poles, and fitted with 2 ballast chambers that can be filled with water as needed (working height), creating a slight freeboard. The effective working area is 3.50 x 2.19 meters. A bracket can also be included to attach an outboard motor.

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6,060 mm
2,310 mm
560 mm
Tub length
3,500 mm
Tub width
2,190 mm
Tub depth
500 mm

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