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When the going gets tough, it actually gets more and more fun for ‘t Van Schie team. Because of our innovative approach, we perform more and more specialized works. Working in difficult (sometimes seemingly impossible) locations, for example.

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The Van Schie machinery is deployable on both large and small earthmoving projects. We can perform these entirely in-house in consultation with our clients.

Sometimes it involves digging a small cable trench up to the largest construction pit imaginable. No job is too small. No challenge too big… In addition to digging and tubing, the experts also take care of drainage if that request is there. One project in which specialized earthmoving was well highlighted is the 380kV cable route near Delft.


Construction or civil engineering earthmoving? Large or small projects? Trust the experts at Van Schie. In addition to the necessary knowledge, experience and commitment, the team has a comprehensive program of earthmoving equipment. If you only want the equipment, we rent that too.

Our work includes excavating trenches for cables, a residential basement or a complete construction pit. But we also deal with backfilling, raising or leveling sites. Please feel free to contact us for expert advice!

Everything in 1 hand… In addition to digging and tubing, we offer the following services:

  • Transportation: We have our own trucks for the supply and removal of soil;
  • Land Bank: Excess land can be taken;
  • Soil remediation: Any contaminants can be quickly remediated;
  • Sheet piling: Large earth retaining structures to simple berliner walls, it’s all possible.

With our earthmoving work, we can be found all over the Netherlands, although you will encounter us more often in the provinces of Utrecht, North Holland and South Holland.

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