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For bank protection, a dike or a construction pit, Van Schie supplies and installs the right sheet piling. With the right techniques, the right experience and the right materials to suit the demand, circumstances and project budget available.


Just need a really good sheet pile? Then call our sheet pile experts for sound advice and an attractive price proposal. And do you really want something special? Then know that the experts, are specialists in such difficult locations as tight environments or high-traffic areas…. Van Schie tackles it with a hefty dose of experience as a foundation. From engineering to vibration analysis. And from installation to strut frame constructions, the sheet pile experts at Van Schie do it, make it and arrange it!


We install sheet piles in the following manner:

  • Vibration is used to vibrate the sheet piling into the ground;
  • If environmental factors call for low vibration, we can install sheet pile walls even then using appropriate techniques.
  • Pile drivers (a hydraulically driven drop weight) are used to drive the sheet piling into the ground;
  • Vibration-free method in which the sheet piling is pressed into the ground with considerable force. Engineering is used in locations where there are requirements for vibration levels. Such locations include inner-city areas and around listed buildings. In case of a heavy soil condition, fluidization (the injection of water under high pressure) is also a possibility.

New: vibrating printing!

The newest technique at present is what is known as vibrational printing. Our new MRZV 20VV block is the quietest block at the moment and produces minimal vibration, as the block “communicates” with the ground, so to speak. The speed control allows setting a desired speed for optimum matching to the soil in question and minimum resonance. See below a video where you can also see from the water around the sheet piling that the resonance is minimal.

The technique used to drive a sheet pile wall depends on the following:

  • The soil quality at the site
  • The retaining height, depth, material and weight of the wall
  • The presence of obstructions in the ground
  • The work is done on- or offshore

Anchoring and stamping

The form of anchoring depends on site conditions. Things like the retaining height, the top load behind the sheet piling and the type of subsoil all play a role. The anchors may or may not be used in conjunction with an outrigger frame. The outrigger frame is a framework of beams and tubes that collectively create a span that stabilizes pressure on the sheet pile. Van Schie has its own construction workshop and a large stock of steel, allowing it to deliver a custom stamping frame in no time.


Van Schie does not limit itself to sheet pile erection and removal alone. Van Schie can assist you from the very beginning of the project through engineering. We design, draw, calculate and advise in the field of sheet pile structures. We are thus able to supply the entire sheet pile construction turnkey. So we would like to think with you. Even if a potential client thinks a project is not possible, we want to look at any alternatives that might make the project possible.

Vibration Analysis

Also, we are in possession of vibration meters. These vibration meters allow us to monitor vibrations throughout the project. The resulting data is analyzed. Based on this analysis, a report is prepared, after which the findings can be forwarded to the client.

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