Installing drill pipes

Placing a drill pipe, also known as the “twister technique,” is a technique in which you actually pre-drill and place a pipe at the same time.


These tubes are used as rail or streetcar foundations, for example, as well as for installing a telecom mast. With this, you drill a pipe directly into the ground, also known as a casing pipe. In this way, a drill pipe is placed vibration-free in the desired location, such as in the center of a city where no vibration is desired.

The so-called “casing twister” is a piece of equipment that can be placed on an excavator as on a mast-guided machine. It allows drilling holes with pipe diameters up to 820 mm to be generalized. One of the biggest advantages of drill pipe placement is its easy operation and very short setup times. And, of course, the fact that you’re pre-drilling and installing pipe at the same time.

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