Like an exotic snake, this double gas pipeline winds its way through the Amsterdamse Bos, ready to go underground. This happens through so-called ‘horizontal directional drilling’.

Van Schie_Journaal)Sanering_geluidsscherm_Ponton_2023_web (22)

Drilling machines bore a long underground ‘tunnel’ through which the entire pipeline is pulled. With this method, excavation is only required at the beginning and end of the pipeline.

The entire pipeline, consisting of two lengths of 800 meters, was prepared above ground and gradually welded together. This process took several weeks, blocking various bicycle and pedestrian paths.

But no worries: Van Schie has a convenient and flexible system for quickly installing custom-made small bridges and crossings, even for vehicular traffic. It is a modular system composed of steel panels with connecting ramps and fences. The panels come in lengths of 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 meters.

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