Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, combining elements of tennis and squash. However, the sport also causes a lot of disturbances.

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According to Nederlandse Stichting Geluidshinder (the Dutch Noise Pollution Foundation), padel tops the list for noise disturbances, followed by hockey (hard ball against the stick or goalpost) and soccer, particularly due to cheering spectators.

Padel (Spanish: pádel) was originally conceived in Acapulco by a wealthy Mexican who lived in a large villa but lacked enough space to build a full-sized tennis court. He then marked off an area of 10 by 20 meters, enclosed by 4-meter high walls, where he could showcase his tennis skills with a modified racket. Thus, a new sport was born.

In the Netherlands, padel courts often have glass and/or metal walls, which amplify the sound. The carbon fiber rackets also contribute to the noise, causing disturbances for nearby residents. However, there are solutions to tackle this problem, like installing sound barriers. For instance, in Mijdrecht at Kamille, Van Schie, commissioned by the Municipality of De Ronde Venen, set up a 6-meter high and 40-meter long sound barrier using Noicereducer DA-80 elements, which will be covered with vegetation later on.

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