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There are several roads the lead to Rome and your front door. With Van Schie’s various types of paving, we guarantee good accessibility to your company, house or building site. In lots of different and innovative ways.


Van Schie’s experts are constantly working on new possibilities of hardening. As a result, the solutions are becoming more ecologically responsible and cost-effective continuously.

Every type of pavement we tackle. We are working on temporary and permanent solutions. We provide the materials, equipment, people and techniques to build your long or short road. Includes the necessary underlayments and/or foundations if the job calls for it.

We can offer the following pavements:

  • Tree bark: Lane bark for a temporary roadway pavement or decorative bark as a garden path.
  • Gravel: As a finish for your garden or yard, gravel is a good option. Graceful and easy to maintain.
  • Paving: Tiles or clinkers, we realize any kind of paving for you.
  • Asphalt: Various mixtures possible.
  • Concrete slabs: Ideally resistant to heavy loads and also easy to re-lay.

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