Think first and then do it better

Infra work can be done better and more efficiently if you first design, draw, calculate and advise yourself. And so we do!


The reverse is also true … if you also build and repair yourself, you can make better plans and budgets in advance. Roughly speaking, our engineering services consist of the following:

  • Designs
  • Drawing
  • Calculate
  • Advising
  • Arranging permits
  • Design & Construct

Comments on our work.


With a design from Van Schie, you can move forward. We’ll get your ideas down on paper. In doing so, we naturally take into account existing objects, such as buildings and green spaces. What we like to design for you include noise barriers, fencing, stamping frames and much more.


Our Business Office is able to provide you with a clear, accurate and complete drawing in AutoCAD. Digital and/or hardcopy. For pontoon projects like islands, we give you an even better picture by incorporating the idea into Google Earth with SketchUp, or creating a 3D animation.


A successful project starts with a correct calculation up front. Van Schie makes these based on knowledge, experience and project responsibility if your assignment calls for it. Calculations are mainly, but not exclusively, about:

  • Sheet piling calculations;
  • Vibration Analysis;
  • Foundation calculations;
  • Structural calculations;
  • Stability calculations;
  • Etc.


With some 60 years of experience in infra, we know most of the pitfalls. And know very well how best to handle matters. Because of that outlook, for years we have been able to surprise our clients with often very innovative solutions and, of course, solid execution.

Arranging permits

Permits don’t happen overnight. No matter how good or beautiful a project is. You will need quality statements, scale drawings, certificates and various calculations anyway. Van Schie knows how it works and has the people for it to take care of business. It’s easy and it saves you a lot of time when we take care of your permits.

Design & Construct

If you choose the Design & Construct method for your project realization, we will design, calculate and realize your desired structure. Phase by phase and entirely in consultation with our client. This results in a high-quality design, a quick start to the project and shorter lead time. So that saves time and costs.

Get advice

Want to know more about civil engineering? Then fill out the form below, we will respond as soon as possible. Do you have questions and prefer to discuss them in person? If so, feel free to call our expert.

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