Pulverizing posts. It can be done.

Obstacles encountered while piling, we remove them! We are not the “pre-drillers” or “pre-crushers” of piling Netherlands for nothing. Wherever piling needs to be done, we make sure it can be done! So you want to pile, but come across an obstacle such as an old pile or (city) foundation, Van Schie crushes it away.


How does wood or concrete pulverizing work?

In crushing, we use a (long) tube with a coarse drill on the head. With this we can very controlled grind, also called pulverizing, an obstacle that is in the ground. Super convenient because now you don’t have to dispose of debris either and you can get on with your piling work right away. Van Schie also has the right equipment to crush in hard-to-reach places.

So what can we pulverize underground?

In the soil, you may encounter all kinds of debris, such as:

  • Old city foundations
  • Old piles
  • Rock blocks and boulders
  • Concrete Iron
  • Grout residue
  • Remains of foundations
  • Old piling
  • Bunkers
  • Basement bins


Actually, at Van Schie, we can pulverize or crush anything hard. Running into an obstacle deep in the ground? Not to worry, we can crush as much as 25 meters deep.

And by using different size crush heads, you can crush away larger and smaller objects as needed. Our drill head is around 600mm, but it can certainly be larger on request! We ensure that you have trouble-free pile driving.

Emerged holes can also be sealed directly with bentonite.

Need help demolishing a foundation or crushing soil objects?

Would you like us to demolish foundations or drill or crush obstacles in the ground for you? Or if you encounter something that is not in the above debris list, please especially contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.

Would you prefer to speak to us in person? Of course you can, feel free to call our expert. We are happy to help you.

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